Notes on an Early Daguerreotype of Walt Whitman

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The term “case photograph” describes three types of 19th-century photographs that were generally kept in cases which were both decorative and protective. They are the daguerreotype , named after its inventor L. Daguerre; the ambrotype; and the tintype or ferrotype. Daguerreotypes were introduced in in Paris, France, constituting for some photo-historians the beginning of photography.

Ambrotypes and tintypes, made by the wet collodion process, originated in the s.

Daguerreotypes are fairly simple to date, due to the fact that they were only You can tell the age of a Daguerreotype by the shape of the mat.

The French government fixed the rights to their invention and new the process free to the world Aug. It was a runaway success. For the first time, large numbers of people could freeze time in images of time and their loved ones—and today, those old images are ours to cherish. We celebrate dating th anniversary of the daguerreotype with this mats and preservation guide. Daguerreotypes were introduced to the United States in and remained common until the eve of the Civil War.

See the Image Gallery for examples of dated fixed, consult my book Family Tree Detective Family Daguerreotype Books and consider these details when examining your image:. These images can be tricky to scan because of the dating surface and the glass layer on top of fixed image. To prevent the camera from being reflected onto the image, cover it with black cardboard with a hole cut in the middle for the lens. Place this note dating an archival-quality box along with dating wrapped image.

Born in in Cormeille-en-Parisis, France, Daguerre was a painter, lithographer and mirror manufacturer. He painted panoramic views dating theatrical illusions.

How to Date an Old Photograph

Naturally, the mats and cases containing daguerreotypes provide plenty of information and clues to help date the pieces. Unfortunately, both items are easily substituted and some of the changes made are purposefully deceptive. Never judge the period of an image or its relative value simply by casual observation.

A guide to dating daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes by their mats and cases. mats and cases through illustrated and dated. Genealogy.

Samuel J. Miller American, — Within a few years, thousands of daguerrean portrait studios had sprung up all over the United States, among them the one that Samuel J. Miller owned in Akron, Ohio. Northeastern Ohio was a center of abolitionism prior to the Civil War, and Douglass knew that this picture, one of an astonishing number that he commissioned or posed for, would be seen by ardent supporters of his campaign to end slavery.

Douglass was an intelligent manager of his public image and likely guided Miller in projecting his intensity and sheer force of character. Object information is a work in progress and may be updated as new research findings emerge. To help improve this record, please email. Information about image downloads and licensing is available here. Publication History Rossen, Susan F. Westerbeck, Colin L. Foner, Eric.

Davis, David Brion. Sharp, Robert V.

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Cased Photographs. Including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes was published as Chapter 2 of the The Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog in This printed information has served as basis for this wiki page, and current information has being added as necessary. Daguerreotypes are direct positive photographs on metal supports.

Dating daguerreotype cases – Rich woman looking for older woman Albumen photographic cases containing daguerreotypes and mat and prints of the.

Footnotes appear in parentheses. After a brief survey of Whitman daguerreotype portraits, 4 however, I was struck by the absence of information regarding the physical attributes of this and other daguerreotypes of the author: what the plate sizes might be, how the images are cased or framed, what markings might be present that would be meaningful to a historian of nineteenth-century photographs, markings that might have been overlooked by literary scholars.

My examination of the early Whitman daguerreotype in Camden yielded surprising results. Based on my knowledge of American daguerreotypes and how they were made, I propose that the Camden portrait of Whitman was not taken in New York, but in New Orleans, and thus can be dated precisely to that period of February to May when Whitman was 28 years of age. The mount and its cover glass are sealed together, as is customary for daguerreotypes housed in this way, with matching mahogany-colored paper edging; the daguerreotype plate itself is sealed to the verso of the mount’s card backing with paper strips, as was also common; covering the daguerreotype plate is a rectangle of brittle card, affixed to the back of the mount with further paper scraps.

Although portions of the paper seal around the card covering the daguerreotype plate are beginning to split from age, the edges of this seal are largely undisturbed and show no signs of tampering. The whole daguerreotype “package”–i. Although this frame is not new, it would be difficult to determine whether or not it is original to the piece, but this is a less important matter. As it is not attached in any way to the original daguerreotype package, the frame could be exchanged easily, even now, for another period frame of the same size, with no one the wiser.

Photography on a Silver Plate

In , Louis Daguerre in France and Henry Fox Talbot in England, who had been working independently, announced competing photographic discoveries. Their processes were very different, but both played major roles in the history of photography. But the daguerreotype had serious limitations. The mirror-like surface of the image could only be viewed from a narrow angle.

periods: daguerreotypes beginning in , ambrotypes beginning in , iron The photo mat, sleeve and cardstock could also give clues about the time period. Learn how to answer these questions and more about how to date an old.

Double-ninth plate thermoplastic case, Children Playing with Toys Krainik Contained within are two ambrotypes. Case is worn, with many nicks and a chipped area around the left clasp. Patented Oct. With daguerreotype of young man with original seals intact. Case is worn and chipped, without velvet pad, but quite uncommon.. Obtained in Chester, NY, Jan. Hinge Patented Oct.

Daguerre And Talbot

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